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Welcome to the official homepage of Woodlane Intertainment, a newly created brand of mostly Web-based multimedia under my LLC Woodlane Enterprises. Through this, I hope to not only make more of my projects a reality, but also bring opportunity and professional, commercial exposure to others like me via the resources and wonders of the Internet.


Whether reading, watching movies and television, or listening to music, more and more of us are doing it online. The American film industry, in particular, is further decentralizing amidst rising costs across the board while increased access to online exhibition and other resources is empowering more video-centered and assisted creators and creative entrepreneurs everyday. Existing and managed mostly online, Woodlane is intended to be a brand consisting almost entirely of online entertainment featuring unrecognized and/or unsigned talent in professionally produced content and related products. Similar ventures and companies, mostly in the development and start-up stages, are planning to create content across mediums, but with Woodlane, I am following the example of many a successful business through finding a more specific niche to fill.

By narrowing Woodlane's initial scope to the creation of online entertainment, I hope to raise the chances of success and of standing out while potentially saving a LOT of money on professionally produced product. Its project-based approach will base the development and advancement of the company on the progress and success of each project on its own merits. While its activities will involve audience participation, unrepresented project(s) and any submissions thereof are to be carefully coordinated, chosen, and initiated with intense scrutiny and direct supervision and guidance. Ultimately, I see the concept of Woodlane at its core as the future of filmed/electronic entertainment.


While I'm not a "Hollywood insider," I am an award-winning writer/producer with my own products and projects available and in development in a community of talent with ties to Hollywood's origins. Rather than just produce film/video content, my goal is to create a brand, making the process and the products more meaningful AND cost-effective by strategically harnessing and combining resources readily available online. Aided by an attention to commercial trends and audience desires which I fear are all but ignored by too many "independent" producers, filmmakers, and even other artists in other mediums, my hope is that a synergy is created between things like the published works, customized/tie-in merchandise, and the web series and other filmed content to be largely self-distributed through monetized streaming and/or sale to Internet hosts. To reconcile this with some of the text above, the limit in scope is to Internet commerce, with most of these publishing activities and the customization and sale of merchandise online being relatively inexpensive and straightforward. For the most part, the company will enable the funding and production of the larger projects, so to speak, which will draw upon that ancillary revenue from sales which should help promote as well as build company and brand credibility and loyalty.

In conclusion, my intention going forward is to keep in mind that the average entrepreneur mostly relies upon loans which are issued based upon existing collateral and peer support. They almost NEVER ask that you buy their products before they are available, can be produced, or before the store opens or is even guaranteed to open. With so much potentially at stake, it almost seems wrong and deeply disrespectful for film and video producers to do anything else... or less. From this moment on, the future of Woodlane depends almost as much upon YOU as upon me or anyone with whom I choose to work. BccI believe that truly good things shouldn't and usually do not need to be FORCED to happen. If you believe in this effort or have something to personally contribute, I invite you to bookmark this page, keep coming back, and if compelled, drop me a line through Facebook or other means of communication. ;)


JD Moores, Founder

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