I'm JD Moores (obviously), and for years, I've wanted into the film and entertainment industry. Unfortunately, I was born with the rare congenital condition Larsen's Syndrome and, while fortunate to have survived, have been held back by related health and financial problems. Nevertheless, I'm still a published and award-winning writer and screenwriter with valuable production experience in a local, lo-no budget level and a growing network of friends and associates in the field.

Trailer For Aborted Pilots' Lounge Series Pilot

My focus right now is upon finding the most comprehensive and effective way with which to use all of the Internet's publishing, promotional, production, distribution, merchandising, and other resources available to independently advance my creative agenda in a way that both helps and sets an example for others like me to follow. A key goal right now is beginning to build the Woodlane brand (tentatively called "Woodlane Intertainment") by doing enough business with my publishing activities and attracting enough credibility-enhancing exposure that I can build a team with which to produce a professional web series entitled The Pilots' Lounge, a heavily revised, updated, and more dramatic version which will retain some of the better-received buddy comedy elements from the no-budget digital short from 2004 (see sample trailer above). The long-term goal is for the web series, publications, and pretty much everything else to work in a synergistic fashion to independently (as long as possible) increase quality, quantity, and brand recognition.

-JD Moores